Nana… What’s a Nana?


As I held my first grandchild and softly cooed at him one day, I told him not to worry, he had a Nana.  Then the thought came…what does that mean?

Years ago as I was eating with a mentor–someone far wiser and a tad older than me–she told me she was not buying lots of gifts for her grandchildren because she wanted them to learn of Jesus from her.  I thought, can’t they get stuff and Jesus?  And, how do I balance stuff and Jesus?

So here I sit, years later, pondering what does it mean that my grandchildren have a Nana?

I whispered to Caleb that day that having a Nana means I choose to pray for him, for the entirety of his life, even when I am no longer fun and cool.

I will verbally applaud his efforts in life and always be quick to remind him how very special he is and was created to be.  I will carry that belief in my heart even when he becomes so busy with life that he doesn’t call or visit.

I will live my life in such a way that when he thinks of what I’m about that Jesus will be on the forefront of his mind because there will never be any doubt that He is my everything.

It means I will exert my influence over the times we’re together to teach him God’s stories and His ways.  I will use any and all opportunities to hide God’s word in his heart.

Stuff…well, I can’t stop myself!  He loves Mickey and I love seeing his face light up at little things with the mouse on them!  I’m thinking, as long as I keep Jesus over stuff, then we can have both.

Being a Nana is a new role for me, but one I am openly embracing.  After all, God has loaned me grandchildren, and I must allow Him to mold me to being His Nana for them.


  1. Wonderfully said ! I usually strive for balance but now see that that my “Nana Mission ” should be heavy handed on side and the Love of Christ. Thanks you inspire 🙂

  2. I think you have been in training for this role for a long time with numerous children, including mine! This is just how it should be, oh to have many many “grand” people in our lives!

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