A Magic Wand? Only in Fairy Tales

fairytale01Sometimes I sit down to write and I have so much I want to share I hardly know where to begin. Other times I feel so empty I don’t know where or if to begin. Today? Well today is an overflow day. Why? Let’s start with my family.

I have four beautiful grandchildren, three of whom have been diagnosed with “something”, anything from dyslexia to ADHD to sensory integration disorder. The fourth has had several surgeries for cleft lip and palate and will have more as a young adult. I am sad they have to deal with these obstacles and that their parents have an inordinate amount of challenge. I wish it was easier for them.

Then there are my friends, several of them. They have situations that have put them in fearful and paralyzingly places. Anything from leukemia to abuse to unraveling families to possible loss of homes. I hurt for them.

I wish I had a magic wand to wave over all these people I love, and their troubling issues would disappear. But I don’t. Nobody does.

So what’s a mama and a friend like me to do? I will go where I always go–to Jesus. And, I will by His grace:

• Keep praying.
• Stay in His Word.
• Continue ministering to and helping others.
• Keep “passing the bread” (Jesus, the bread of life) to anyone who will receive.
• Seize opportunities to laugh and play (and get my hair colored).
• Believe God, for His Word states:

“I’m [God] the one who’s on your side, defending your cause, rescuing your children. Then everyone will know that I, God, have saved you…” (Isaiah 49:25-26, The Message).

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  1. I can’t help but comment on this one– love what you’ve written, Saundria. We so often look at ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, etc. as “less than”– not as good a reader as…., not as good an athlete as …, not as well-behaved as …., but we fail to remember that they are actually “more than” because of Jesus. If we are asking God to rain down, mercy, faith, love, compassion, etc. on our loved ones, then they are “more than” the world. Let’s keep it up, folks. We can help our love ones become “more than” by praying with deep faith.

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