Day 1 at Kamp Keck



We love our grandchildren and enjoy being with them as most grandparents do. And that is one reason we have Kamp Keck each summer. But there is another reason which cuts to the core of our hearts. We want them to know Jesus, really know Him. We want them to know His great love for them. We want them to experience His great joy. And as grandparents, we can be conduits. We want to “pass the bread” (based on John 6:35).

This morning we “let” the parents stay for our bible story which was about Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus. But then the children were ready for their parents to leave. The parents left crying their eyes out, NOT. It appears the joyful separation was mutual.

Today included lots of free play, water play, and painting pottery at Third Coast Pottery. It seems to have become a camp tradition to watch “Ernest Goes to Camp”. So that’s how we ended the day. It is quiet now, first time all day I can say that. A good day, indeed.

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  1. It’s obvious my own kids don’t really want me around… Since they quickly pushed me out when I stopped by to drop off a few things. Sounds like a great day!!!

  2. They were so excited the night before they couldn’t even sleep! It was like the anticipation for Christmas!

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