Day 2 at Kamp Keck


We began the morning with the bible story, “Paul Goes to Troas”. Then add glasses of Turkish tea and cannoli, the unwinding of a silk worm cocoon, a trip to Cheekwood to see the Big Bug exhibit, paper weaving, water play and song performance and you pretty much have Day 2 at Kamp Keck.


After dinner this evening I asked each grand two questions. Here are the questions and their responses:

Question 1: What has been the best part of Kamp Keck so far?

Hadley: the bible stories

Analayne: the stories and Turkish tea and cannoli

Shepherd: glow sticks

Leighton: sleeping upstairs on air mattresses and putting pennies in the jar (when we encouage one another)


Question 2: What is the favorite thing you have learned from the bible stories so far?

Hadley: I liked the part about Eutychus falling out the window when Paul preached on and on and on.

Analayne: Eutychus

Shepherd: Saul being blinded by the bright light and his name changing to Paul.

Leighton: Paul preaching too long.


My favorite part: Hearing these children pray. Amazing!


  1. I love this. Each child learning and growing and playing at their own developmental level together. So thankful for grandparents who WANT to spend time with them and invest in their lives!

  2. Such memories being made! They will treasure these weeks for their whole lives. They always remember so much from these stories, all year long!

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