Day 5 at Kamp Keck


Today was the last day of Kamp Keck 2014. We are all tired because we have loved well (just a few spats) and played hard.

We began the morning gathered on the rug for our last story about Paul as he made his final journey, the one to Rome. We talked about the ship wreck along the way as well as the snake bite he sustained, with no ill results. Following the story, the grands were amused that we gave them toy snakes (you know, the Cracker Barrel kind) to help them remember the story. That gift resulted in a lot of interesting play.

After a morning of water play, four hungry kids said: “What’s for lunch?” When you are talking about Rome, Italy, what do you have for lunch? Pizza at the Keck Cafe, of course.

We ended the day at Sweet CiCi’s for frozen yogurt because we earned it. Our goal was to fill a quart jar with pennies by being encouragers. After all, we have focused on Paul all week, and he was an encourager to the churches.

Until 2015, Kamp Keck is signing off. But we will continue to encourage one another and those around us.





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  1. That was an awesome Kamp ! You are wonderful grand parents.
    I have loved following those beautiful Grands,. Making memories & building
    children ! ♡♡♡ Sharing God’s Love ! Pass the Bread

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