The Beginning


As we began developing the resource requested from Heart for Lebanon, we, like Moses in the Bible, knew two things immediately. First, we knew this project was God’s call on our lives–we each felt it strongly. And second, we knew that only God could enable us to do it.

Our traditional way of working was to go off together to pray, write and work. This collaboration was the way God worked through us. But our family responsibilities would not allow us to work in our usual way. So we prayed, talked, and came up with a plan that would work long distance.

We met our deadlines and created a resource that God directed. When we sent the resource to Lebanon, we thought we were finished with the project. But that was only half the journey.

Several months later the leaders at Heart for Lebanon invited Saundria and me to come to Lebanon, along with our husbands, to see how the resource was being used. We excitedly accepted the invitation and traveled to Lebanon to experience the ministry to the refugees first-hand.

We watched the refugee children hang on every word as Saundria told a Bible story. Then as Kay asked follow-up questions, hands waved enthusiastically to give answers. The hugs and smiles we received from the children were priceless.

The opportunity to write as well as the opportunity to go to Lebanon and meet the ones for whom we had written was amazing. We will never be the same.

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  1. What a blessing for you and the many lives that have been touched by your writing! God is so good!!!! Kay, call me when you have a chance!!! Love you!!!

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