Jesus Gives Thanks

Jesus Gives Thanks

Based on John 6:1-13
Big Idea: Be grateful for little or plenty.

One day Jesus crossed a deep sea in a fishing boat. When He arrived on the other side, a large crowd of people met Him because they were eager to hear Jesus teach about God’s ways. Jesus got out of the boat. He made His way up a grassy hillside where he took a seat and began teaching. Everyone listened carefully, including Jesus’ disciples.
Late in the afternoon, Jesus’ helpers came to Him and said: “Jesus, You have been teaching all day. We must send the people away now. It is getting late and they are hungry, and we have nothing to give them to eat.” Andrew, one of the disciples, said: “Wait. There is a boy who has five small loaves of barley bread and two fish. But what good is that with so many hungry people?”
Jesus said: “Tell the people to take a seat on the grass.” After all the people had settled on the grassy hillside, the young boy kindly shared his lunch with Jesus. Jesus took the boy’s five small barley loaves in His hands, gave thanks to God and passed the bread to the large crowd of hungry people.
Jesus then took the two fish in His hands, gave thanks to God and passed the fish to the people. After everyone had eaten all they could hold, Jesus’ helpers gathered up the food that was left over so nothing would be wasted. The food leftover filled twelve large baskets.

– An excerpt from our book, Teaching Your Children: Bible Stories That Build Character by Kay Benson and Saundria Keck.

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