The Good News

The Good News

Based on Luke 1:26-45; 2:1-24; Matthew 1:18-24
Big Idea: Jesus’ birth is “good news” of hope.

A woman named Mary lived in a small town. One day an angel named Gabriel visited her. It was extraordinary for an angel to visit earth. Mary’s eyes grew large. She held her breath. Without thinking, her hands flew to her cheeks.

God had sent the angel to give Mary a message, a message of “good news” for all people everywhere. At first Mary was afraid, but the angel said: “Mary, do not be afraid. God has noticed you and He is with you.” Then the angel told Mary: “You will have a baby boy, and His name will be Jesus. He will be the most special baby ever.”

At first Mary could hardly believe what she was hearing. But then the idea took shape in her mind. She was going to have a baby, and the baby would be the Savior of the world. Mary hurried to visit her cousin Elizabeth to tell her the “good news.”

About the same time an angel appeared to a man named Joseph also. The angel said: “Joseph, don’t be afraid. I have come to tell you to take Mary as your wife because God has a special plan for both of you. Mary will have a baby boy, and you, Joseph, will name Him Jesus.”

Time passed. Mary had a baby boy just as the angel had said. Angels appeared in the sky singing praises to God for the birth of the special baby. Shepherds in nearby fields saw the angels. At first they were terrified. But then one of the angels said: “Don’t be afraid. We are here to bring you joy and hope. The Savior has been born. You will find Him wrapped in swaddling cloths lying in a manger.” So the Shepherds left the fields and went to see the baby.

Eight days later Joseph and Mary presented the special baby to God. At that time, they named Him Jesus just as the angel had said when he shared the “good news” with Mary and with Joseph.

– An excerpt from our book, Teaching Your Children: Bible Stories That Build Character by Kay Benson and Saundria Keck.

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