Will They Know


This lovely lady is Erin. I first met her when she was a student at Belmont University and attended our church. I watched as Erin graduated, took a job, and waited for Mr. Right to come along. And he did, Jeremy Thiessen. Jeremy was the drummer for the band, Downhere.

We rejoiced in their wedding. Sometime later we rejoiced in the birth of their son, Liam. After his birth, they learned he had Down Syndrome. And oh how they adored him! Later God blessed them with a precious baby girl, whom they named Karis. Princess material if I ever saw it. If keeping up with Liam and Karis weren’t enough, God thought they were up to parenting another child–a big, bouncing boy whom they named Brady–the one giving his mom a smooch in the photo. Now in a matter of weeks, baby four will make his entrance into this precious family.

Obviously there are many reasons I admire Erin, but I think what I admire most is her commitment to teach her children about God and His word. When she attended the moms’ ministry at our church, she opted to join a small group centered on helping moms teach their little ones about God, using the resource, Remember and Don’t Forget: Bible Stories for Mom and Me. Week after week she enthusically shared with her small group what she and her children were learning together. And the fun they were having!

The day came we had to tell our friend, Erin, “goodbye.” Jeremy had accepted a staff position at a church in California. But it wasn’t long until I heard Erin was leading a small group of moms through the same study she had done with us.

Erin is busy just like all young moms, but she “gets it.” She knows and acts on what is most important. Her heart is focused on the next generation. Will they know Truth? Will they know Jesus?

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