“Words” Over My Kids


For the past few months I’ve been trying to think/pray for a word for each of my kids. #2 (Grant) and #3 (Lucy Drew) were easy peasy. However, #1 (Asher) seemed impossible. Asher is my kid that challenges me and we butt heads often. He’s strong-willed and stubborn…just like me.

Tonight I finally came upon a word for him for this year, and it fits perfectly. Asher has been such a huge helper the past several weeks. He loves to help me out with anything and everything he can. Just tonight he ran downstairs before me and started setting the table for dinner…I never even asked him to do this! In fact, I almost always set the table, so for him to think to do that all on his own just amazed me. And he does that with other things, too.

So, I’m praying “servant” over him because he seems to have such a servant heart. I felt bad not being able to think of a word for him for 3 months, but I think God was still working on both of us before He was ready to reveal the word. Grant’s word is “love” because he’s my tender-hearted, sweet, loving, caring kid. And Lucy Drew is “joy” because she truly brings such joy to my life. I just look at her and smile.

I wrote each child’s word on colorful paper, rolled it up, and tied it with twine. Someday at the right time, I will share with Asher, Grant and Lucy Drew their “words” and my prayers for them.

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