One of My Proudest Mama Moments


A little over a week ago, my husband was on his way home from an evening appointment when he saw multiple emergency vehicles with sirens blaring just around the corner from our son’s elementary school. We checked the local news but couldn’t find any coverage on what had happened.

Around that same time, the regular crossing guard, Lisa, wasn’t at her usual post in front of the school. Our son, Kellan, noticed right away, because he enjoys waving to her every morning and afternoon.

A few days later, when we saw Lisa back at school, we stopped to say hi. When we asked how she was doing, Lisa told us she had been gone because of a house fire. It turned out that the emergency vehicles my husband had seen days earlier were responding to her residence. The house was still standing and Lisa and her family members were unhurt, but essentially all of their belongings were lost. What wasn’t burned or damaged by smoke was ruined under the heavy force of the firefighters’ spray.

Later, my husband and I were discussing how we might help Lisa and her family. On a side note, our family has been following Dave Ramsey’s financial program for a few years now. As part of that, one of Kellan’s piggy banks is specifically geared toward giving. He has been adding to that piggy bank each time he receives allowance or money from birthdays and holidays, but he hasn’t been able to decide where to give.

After our discussion about helping Lisa, Kellan decided he wanted to give everything in his “give” piggy bank to Lisa and her family. After counting it all up, he had a little more than $43. He also spent quite a while making her a card.

This was one of the proudest moments we have had with our little guy. As parents, you pray that some of what you say and do sinks in with your children, and of course you hope that they will do the right thing when given choices. This was one of those moments where we could see that what he has been learning at home and in church stuck with him.

Six-year-olds don’t get to make as many decisions as they would like, so being able to choose how to show Jesus’ love to someone made giving even more enjoyable for Kellan. And seeing the look on Lisa’s face when we delivered the gifts we had collected for her, including Kellan’s bag full of coins and dollar bills, was the most fun of all.

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