Stay In Your Lane


My daughter is three and a half, so we are just getting into the birthday party “scene.” We recently left one that was the cutest thing I had ever seen. The invitations matched the table decor, the food matched the theme, even the birthday boy’s shirt carried out the theme, for goodness sakes.

On the way home, I heard that inner voice that screamed: “You are not a good mother.” I thought about my childrens’ birthday parties. They have never looked like the one we just left. I’m more of a Dollar Tree mom. I tape things to the wall, buy a cake at the grocery store and use evite cards.

After the party, I tried to explain my feelings to my husband. He gave me the “you’re a great mom” speech. But later that day, I had a God moment. Yes, right there in the middle of my exercise routine, I knew God was telling me: “Brooke, stay in your lane.”

So my questions began tumbling all over each other: “What is my lane? What am I good at? What comes easily to me? What do I delight in doing? What are my ‘mom strengths’?”

In the social-media world that we live in, it’s easy to focus on where we might be lacking rather than where we might be gifted. But God has gifted all of us. Maybe you are a good teacher, and you delight in creatively teaching your kids. Maybe you are musically inclined and your home is always filled with music. Maybe you are super creative, and love throwing stellar Pinterest parties. Or perhaps you are a great cook and your family eats organic gourmet dinners. Or maybe you are super crafty and you can sew precious one-of-a-kind outfits for your children, and if you are, please teach me how to sew on a button. Maybe you are tidy, and your home is always clean and picked up, and if so, please come clean my house, too. Find what comes easily to you, what your giftings are, what you delight in, then STAY IN THAT LANE!

My daughter’s fourth birthday party might only be Dollar Tree special. However, I can read killer bedtime stories. I can open my home to any of her friends. I can give unending kisses. I can show her what serving others looks like. I can be loved by Jesus, and let her witness my quest to love Him back. And I can be a mother who stays in her lane.

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