Watch Out for Coconuts


For the past few weeks, I have looked out the kitchen window in our cottage-by-the-sea and viewed a house and a coconut palm next door. The house is small, compact, and sports a shiny, tin roof. Next to the house is a large coconut palm filled with heavy, ripe coconuts. (See today’s photo.)

As I gaze out the window, I often wonder how many times a day I pass by danger that I’m unaware of–just like walking under the coconut palms. There is danger on the highway, danger inside my home, danger at the gym, danger in the grocery store, danger as I walk, danger, danger, danger. Sometimes our mom antennae pick up warning signals of possible danger for our children before anything actually happens. Many times our worst fears never happen at all. And then sometimes they do. We love our kids. We want to shout, “Watch out for the coconuts!” everytime they leave our sight. But vigilance is exhausting. I can’t keep it up. Can you? FEAR is definitely not what I want to pass on.

I look out the window again, but this time my eye is drawn to the house–sturdy, strong, and ready to shelter. I think of our role as parents–ready to shelter our children the best way we can.

And then I think of Jesus–the best shelter of all. He provides a place to live without fear–no matter what happens. What a relief for both me and my family! I can release my grip.

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