What Makes a Good Life?


While driving to visit my dad last week, Pete and I noticed a sign on an abandoned building beside the road. We were both so taken with the sign that we stopped and snapped a photo. You can see the words in the photo above. They have played in my head all week.

I’ve turned several questions over in my mind. What part, if any, does chaos play in living “a good life”? And if what appears to be chaos has taken up residence at my “house,” am I living a life that is functioning well? A life where every act, every experience, every crazy day is merely an opportunity to express God’s love? To be honest, I’m afraid that chaos is still ruling my “house” at times, and I haven’t learned to function all that well. I’m ready for chaos to lose its grip once and for all.

So, how do I encourage chaos to move on down the road? It has a lot to do with the way I view chaos, doesn’t it? My desire is to begin to see with God’s eyes. The first place I begin is in the Bible–reading a bit each day, learning to see chaos from God’s vantage point.

I saw a quote by Richard Wurmbrand the other day that speaks to this point: “God will judge us not according to how we endured, but how much we could love.” And that is the change needed–the change that makes a good life. Not just enduring chaos when it occurs, but finding a way to love in the midst. In effect, chaos will have moved on.

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