Why is Hospitality Important?


Pete and I were traveling last weekend and stopped to spend the night with friends on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. Our friend, Mike, went to great lengths to build a roaring fire in the fire pit in his backyard so that we could sit around, laugh, and tell stories. He showed hospitality and made us feel comfortable and welcomed.

My friend, Saundria, always puts fresh flowers in our bathroom when we visit, even though we’ve been in her home countless times. She exemplifies hospitality.

Another friend, Cindy, takes the time to prepare a snack for us even though Pete and I sometimes arrive at her home unannounced. This act makes us feel special and welcome even though our visit might be a surprise–a clear sign of hospitality.

So why is hospitality so important? Do you need a perfectly clean house or lots of money to show hospitality? Read 2 Kings 4:8-13 or chapter nine in Remember and Don’t Forget: Stories for Mom and Me to find answers for your questions.

Hospitality was practiced long before you were born, but it can be expressed through your unique personality.

“List five ways YOU can show hospitality without spending money.”
–from Remember and Don’t Forget: Stories for Mom and Me
page 45

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  1. Kay, thanks for being the first person to put me in a blog. Thanks also for not referring to us as “Old Friends,” and for a great evening of laughter and stories. Pete still has me beat when it comes to building a fire. I just got there first this time. Mike

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