Christmas Fusses and Feuds


Reflecting the true meaning of Christmas has always been important in our home. Lee and I tried to do that in a variety of ways including these three.

1. We set out a child-friendly nativity for our children to play with days before we did any other decorating. By the time we put up the tree, we had shared the Christmas story several times.

2. We placed a Bible opened to the Christmas story in Luke 2 where the children could see and touch it. It was a reminder to us to speak of this amazing story from God’s word.

3. We acted out the Christmas story several times during the season. Our children pretty much had their parts down pat unless someone got persnickety, which actually happened quite often. Here is one example. We had an oversized rocking horse that served as “the donkey”. Our son (five at the time) knew his role as Joseph and his little sister (then three) played Mary. Well, Chad would jump on the horse (donkey) and ride like there was no tomorrow. All the while his little sister, Leeanne, was screaming: “Chaaadddd, Mary rode the donkey. Mary rode the donkey. Mama, tell him to get off. Mary rode the donkey.”

Looking back, we realize even these sibling fusses and feuds did not diminish our attempts to instill the true meaning of Christ-mas (the celebration of Christ) into our children’s hearts and lives. And those same children, now grown, are passing along the truth of “Christ-mas” to their children, no doubt with fusses and feuds along the way.

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