What Gets in the Way of Hospitality


I read in Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection that how to’s really don’t work unless we embrace what is getting in our way first. So this blog is about what is getting in the way of expressing hospitality.

1. We’re afraid to be authentic. There’s an inner censor always whispering… not good enough, not clean enough, not served correctly, not tasty enough, not pristine enough.

2. We’re afraid of who we really are. We can’t seem to embrace our true self–even though she may be quite extraordinary. We think we need to be more like someone else.

3. We’re afraid of what others might think. Questions buzz in our heads like: What if no one shows up? What if my idea flops? What if those I invite talk about me behind my back? Or what if they criticize my lousy housekeeping skills?

4. We’re afraid to take a risk. Not to try is so much safer than trying and failing.

5. We’re afraid to be uncomfortable.

6. We’re afraid to be humble.

7. WE’RE AFRAID…of pretty much everything.

No wonder hospitality has become such a stressful concept. Fear has us completely shut down. We are heavy with it, tied down by it, boxed in, hopeless. It’s as if we are in jail awaiting a long and scary sentence with no chance of acquittal or parole.

Question: Do we remain in bondage to fear this holiday season or do we break free? And if we do break free, how do we do it? And how does the outcome look? Ideas??

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