It’s All About Focus

It's All About FocusMy garden is just now coming alive. At the moment, the only bloom is the clematis, so it is easy to focus on it. But soon, the garden will be filled with blooms, and it will be more difficult to focus.

Focus is not always easy, but often a good place to start. Saundria and I have enjoyed our season (Easter) of more focus on God. Now that Easter has come and gone, though, we’ve discovered that we long for more time with Him rather than less. Our appetite has been “whetted.” (Don’t you just love that word “whetted”?)

Also, during the past few weeks, we have been asked to help with a project–writing and illustrating Bible stories for children who live in other cultures. This project involves teaching character traits through Bible stories—a project that is a perfect match for us because it draws on our passion to help children, moms, and families grow spiritually.

So during the next few months, we may post less, but remember that we are more focused than you might think. We are doing what has been placed before us during this particular season of our lives. Saundria will also be traveling during this time. We are inviting you to join us by praying for us and also by focusing more on Him as well. (We would love to know what you are doing to focus and how we might encourage you.)

You’ll also notice a specific place on our blogsite for prayer. This area would be a perfect place to leave prayers for us, requests for yourself, or both.

Remember that we love you, pledge to pray for you, are ever your devoted cheerleaders, and realize from experience that we are ALL in process together. Amen??

We are claiming this verse from Romans 8:5b for the weeks ahead “…those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit…to set your mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” NIV

All our best,
Kay (and Saundria)

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