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As 2015 took her first steps into a new year, I sensed God was giving me “a word” on which He wanted me to focus. That word is intentional. Why? I’m not sure, but I believe He will show me along the way.

The “word” idea seemed too good to keep to myself, so I shared it with the wonderful women I serve along side in a Moms’ Ministry at our church. I encouraged them to seek God for “a word.” In no time, they began sharing “their words,” and with their permission, I am sharing them with you.

Carol: Change
Charlotte: Enough
Ginger: Faith
Joyce: Abide
Julie: Stature
Katherine: Joy
Kim: Always
Kyra: Trust
Linda: Hope
Lori: Reset
Tami: Ponder

As we talked together about our “words”, we decided to watch for them and keep a journal on how God was breathing His meaning into them. For starters we determined to be looking in:

• Scripture
• Songs
• Books
• Devotions
• Sermons
• Facebook and Instagram posts
• Conversations with others, especially Christians

No sooner had we shared “our words” with each other than YouVersion (Bible in electronic format) promoted a serious of four devotions on how God uses “a word” to give us direction and help us grow. The link is One Word That Will Change Your Life.

This morning I was telling Kay about our “word” adventure which prompted her to tell me a story about her 94-year-old dad. A couple years ago, he was questioning why he was still living. So she gave him “a word” to focus on that year. The word was perseverance. God used that one word to help him find purpose, which was primarily to pray for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Perhaps you would like to seek “a word” God has for you. We would love to hear what it is.


  1. My word for today (Friday) is yield. I try to pick a “word” per day from my morning Scripture study. It helps me focus.

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