What Do You See?


When I was a teenager my mama arranged for my brother and me to take art lessons from a country woman named Forrest Bonner. Forrest lived down a dusty road in rural Alabama and was well-known for her ability to paint local wildlife.

Forrest spoke few words as she wandered in and out of her makeshift studio in a back bedroom of her house. But when she did speak, I listened intently. I can still remember hearing her raspy voice as she passed near my easel whispering, “Show me what you see, Kay. Show me what you see.”

Years later when Saundria and I began our ministry passthebreadmom.com and began to write books, we chose to present the Gospel in the same way–clearly, concisely, simply, showing what we “saw” in our hearts.

The following principles became our guidelines:

  1. Simplicity
  2. The beauty of God’s message
  3. The bold colors and forms of passion and purpose generated by God and His message in the Bible

We wanted to appeal to everyone–just like ths Gospel.

We wanted our message to be thought-provoking for all–moms, grandmoms, preschoolers, internationals, millennials and boomers. (Here we drew heavily from our knowledge of how folks learn.)

From the beginning, we desired that the Gospel message become available to anyone interested. When we were given an assignment to develop curriculum for refugee children living in Lebanon through the ministry, Heart For Lebanon, our desire became even stronger.

Saundria and I represent a life-time of listening and watching how folks learn. That’s how we began, and that’s what motivates us still. Go to passthebreadmom.com and look under Our Booksto see what we have written.

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