Praying for Amy


Our daughters, Amy and May-Lee, were four and seven when God took us into a new season of life. Camille and I had invested the majority of three years building and preparing a place for students and faculty to come and study the Word of God at the Bible College here in Lebanon. Our service required us to move into the facility in order to oversee operations and host the many people who came for training.

The new season meant we had to move our daughters into new schools and establish new routines. As part of our morning routine, I intentionally prayed aloud in the car on our way to school. Then almost every night I would go in their room before they went to sleep to chat and pray with them.

The first few days after of our moving in, we still had no kitchen and very little furniture. Things were sparse, you might say. However I was doing the best I could to prepare some sandwiches for lunches when Amy rushed to me begging me to follow her to her room. She wanted me to kneel down next to her in the corner telling me that she wanted to ask Jesus to come into her heart right then in that moment. Even though she was hungry, she could not think about food until she had prayed. As I look back, I thank God that I answered her call and did as she asked.
We both knelt and prayed aloud, then she repeated after me a prayer to ask Jesus into her heart. Following our “amen,” she got up and said: “Mommy, now I want to eat. I am very hungry.” I will never forget that day as I can still see her kneeling and praying while wearing her cutest pink dress.

May I give you a word of loving advice? Always be sensitive to your children’s needs especially when they call for you to talk about the things that are on their hearts. Amy is 19 years old now and as I am writing this story this morning, she is sharing the Word of God in chapel at one of our schools. All praise to God!

Note from Saundria and Kay
We first met Hoda Melki while in Beirut, Lebanon, working with refugee families. Hoda and her husband, Camille, run a ministry there, Heart for Lebanon. Hoda’s love for the Lord and her love for her family are prominent parts of every story she writes.

Hoda first wrote for our blog in August of 2015. You can read more about her and her family on, In All Circumstances.

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