The Jackpot



Recently my husband was showing a former work colleague a picture of our three grandsons who are from China. She, who herself is from China, commented: “Those boys hit the jackpot!” Hmmm…what did she mean by her statement?

Each of the boys was adoptable because he was considered by someone to be less than perfect. One has cleft lip/cleft palate, one has some cerebral palsy and ptosis, and one has ADD/sensory issues. But because their biological families determined they couldn’t or wouldn’t care for them or perhaps they could do better by birthing another child, these boys were made available for adoption.

That’s where our family comes in. We hit the jackpot! We have three grandsons who are handsome, vivacious, and smart. Oh and tons of potential. We are better because they are a part of our family.

Let’s backtrack to the comment about the boys hitting the jackpot. I think Lee’s colleague meant they came into a loving family who could provide for them and give them a good education. True, and these are important. But in this family, the jackpot is so much more. We can point them to the One True God who made them and has a good plan for their lives. We can teach them about Jesus and how He loved them so much that He gave His life for them. We can show them what a Christian family looks like.

So if you call this hitting the jackpot, the boys hit it. But, we did too!

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