An Evening to Remember


I wish you could have been here. It was an evening to launch the most exciting project Kay and I have ever worked on. Friends mingled and then curiously sought a peek at our new book, The Jesus Story: Because He Still Loves Us (Keck and Benson).

We enjoyed warm cookies from the oven as well as a cake that so resembled the book cover that you would have thought you could open it and read it. To top it off, there was plenty of cold milk and hot coffee. But the highlight was adults and children gathering around as our friend Jennifer Akers read page by page the simple, yet, profound story of Jesus.

We invite you to take a look at this book with its 32 pages of 4-color illustrations created by Kay. Perhaps the hallmark in addition to the subject is it’s simplicity. Our goal was to write the story of Jesus in as few words as possible, yet remain true to HIS story that weaves throughout all of Scripture—Genesis to Revelation.

Without Jesus there is no story, at least no life-changing story. This simple story will speak to adults as they may be attempting to see the big picture. It will also speak to older children who can developmentally follow this chronological view from Scripture. Little ones are not left out either. They will be captivated by the beautiful illustrations and talking it through with parents or grandparents.

We can see this book being used in the home, in the church, at camp, in tents, in villages wherever people need Jesus. Where will you use it?

Note: Available on Amazon either as an ebook ($1.99) or a print book ($12.99). If you like it, we would appreciate your writing a review on Amazon.

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