Yesterday my physical therapist said to me: “Stop trying to diagnose yourself!”

That’s exactly what the internet has opened up for us… much room for angst, diagnosis, and a hot bed for anxiety. According to the internet, we are always missing out (FOMO-Fear of Missing Out), and it’s our responsibility to know, so we research, research, research and become exhausted and confused in the process.

What Scripture passage would bring more rest than would continually researching? The story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-9) comes to mind. He is the ultimate example of FOMO. Jesus didn’t address Zacchaeus’ desire to see, to be apart, to know what was going on, but saw a deeper need–to be included and to have his entire trajectory changed. His FOMO was obvious. He wanted to be a part, to see and observe, to know about all things. The internet is an easy tool for us to try to do the same, but turning to Jesus and allowing Him to fill our deepest need so that we are the way He wants us to be means admitting that He is God and we’re not (and that kills the FOMO inside us). We discover that serving Jesus is much more satisfying than trying to find the answer or never missing out.

This illustration from our book Remember, and Don’t Forget helps place my focus on Luke 19:1-9 instead of continually researching on the internet.

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