Reflections of Ireland

Recently the Keck’s and Benson’s went to Ireland. We had been talking about taking such a trip for quite awhile. In January after celebrating the release of our book, The Jesus Story: Because He Still Loves Us, we looked at each other and said: “The time is right. Let’s go.” So our husbands went online and made airline reservations that very evening.

Driving on the left through many of the narrow and curvy roads of Ireland (thanks to Pete), we celebrated God’s goodness at every turn and left with memories and reflections we will never forget. We would like to share some of them with you.

Reflections from Ireland

Winding Roads
Wooly Sheep
Grazing Cows
Celtic Crosses
Peppy Pubs
Colorful Doors
Green Pastures
Stone Fences
Chimney Tops
Drippy Raindrops
Rocky Coasts
Glistening Seas
Drafty Winds
Friendly Folks
Lively Music
Amazing Flowers
Brown Bread
Banoffee Pie

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