Need For Snuggling

My almost four-year-old grandson began school this week. We have a special time each day when we read together. My grandson moved in close today before we picked out a story, obviously needing to snuggle a bit first. School is tough. On everybody. Routines change. Expectations change. Maybe your child or grandchild just needs to snuggle today. Without expectations. Just unconditional love poured on him/ her. Maybe you need a snuggle as well?

After we sat close for awhile, I asked my grandson if he wanted to read a story. He said that he did. I had Remember and Don’t Forget sitting on the table beside the sofa with some other books. I asked my grandson which book that he wanted to read today. He chose Remember and Don’t Forget. I asked which picture he liked best. He examined all the illustrations carefully, then chose one. I read the accompanying story. He chose the ark on the sea (the story of Noah). There obviously was something he needed in the story to calm his little soul. (Maybe God’s ability to know the future, or maybe God overseeing Noah’s life and the lives of all the animals or maybe God looking after Noah no matter what the neighbors said or how much fun they made of him?) I asked my grandson simple questions about the illustration and about the story. He answered each thoughtfully.

I was calmed myself after reading the story and processing the implications. I thought: If God can do all described in the story, He certainly can take care of all I feel anxious about.

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