Looking Back, Looking Forward

If you follow us on our Pass the Bread website or Facebook, you may have noticed we have not posted much in the past year. So we thought it time to catch up. Looking back, 2017 had a mixed bag of wonderful things as well as terrific challenges.

A wonderful thing—we saw our book The Jesus Story: Because He Still Loves Us translated into Portuguese. Also we set the wheels in motion to see it translated into Arabic and Romanian. We chose these three language because of our direct contact with mission work in countries where these languages are spoken. We entered into an agreement with Justice and Mercy International to donate all rights of the translated versions making it possible for them to print and distribute to various people groups. Of course there are costs. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution toward the printing and distribution of these translations, here is the way you can do that.

You can give via check and enclose a note that it is for printing of The Jesus Story to Justice and Mercy International, 1810 Columbia Pike, Franklin, TN 37064. Or you can go online to the one-time gift form and simply put The Jesus Story on the line that says “What is your donation for?” Kay and I want to assure you that we will receive NO revenue from these books. Our only desire is to see people everywhere come to know the love of Jesus.

On a very personal note I think it fair to say one of the best treats in 2018 was our trip to Ireland in May. Every time Kay and I were together with our husbands, taking a trip to Ireland would come up. Then in January 2017, it came up once again. We looked at each other and said: “It’s time to stop talking about it and do something about it.” Within an hour we had plane tickets to Ireland. It was an amazingly soul-refreshing trip to a beautiful country. And as it turned out the soul refreshing helped us weather the rest of 2017. Especially Kay.

She experienced a fall from the top of a steep staircase to the very bottom while her daughter watched. We are grateful she had no broken bones, but did experience damage to her mouth and teeth as well as trauma from the fall. Just days after the fall, her dad died. Too much, too close together. She is still recovering. And as always we appreciate your prayers.

Moving on to 2018 and looking ahead to what God has for us. We have agreed to develop a third year of bible-based character curriculum to be used in the Hope Centers with refugee children in the country of Lebanon. These ten chapters will focus on character traits of godly leaders. We don’t know what these children will face in the future but we are grateful for the opportunity to help prepare them to take a stand for Truth. Too we are wondering if there might be a market for this material here at home. If we ever needed to raise up strong godly leaders, it is now!

As we enter a new year we are grateful for meaningful work to do at this point in our lives. It ministers to us while we minister to others. And as always our families and local church congregations have their place at the top of the list.

As you embrace 2018, we encourage you to seek God in everything you do and say in order that you might bring glory to Him. We will be praying for you.

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