A Mother Finds Wealth

I am not a mom.  But I am at that stage in life where ALL my friends are having babies. So I feel like I have already learned some things about motherhood.

I’ve also been reading a book that talks about the different forms of poverty and how to help alleviate them.  One thing mentioned is spiritual poverty and how, often times, those who are materially poor are actually spiritually wealthy because they literally depend on God daily to provide all their needs.

So what do motherhood and spiritual poverty have to do with each other?

A few months ago I went to the country of Lebanon with a ministry organization called Heart for Lebanon.  During my trip I made tent visits to see Syrian refugee women who had become involved in the ministry.

One particular visit was to the home of Allia, a woman who has been attending Heart for Lebanon’s bible studies.  She spoke to me of her life in Syria before and after the start of war.  A few years into the war she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.  While he was still an infant he became very sick.  His temperature rose daily and no matter what Allia did, she could not bring his temperature down.  There was a hospital nearby but the fighting was literally on the street outside her home.  She knew that any attempt to leave would be fatal for them both.  Allia had no choice but to wait it out.  Eventually the fighting moved to another area and she was able to take her baby to the hospital.  When she got there, the doctor told her it was too late, there was nothing he could do and the child would die.  And he did die. That was the moment Allia and her husband knew they had to leave Syria.

When I met Allia she had a beautiful 4-month old baby girl.  Her life now is so different than before, but so is her faith.  I was shocked to hear that Allia had nothing but positive things to say about coming to Lebanon.  Even though she lost her house, her standard of living and a child, Allia was so thankful to be right where she was.  Coming to Lebanon and meeting the team from Heart for Lebanon was what gave her the chance to know God as a loving Father and Jesus as her Savior.  She may be materially poor, but there is no doubt that she is spiritually wealthy because she depends on Him daily to provide all of the needs of her family.  She is thankful that God has given her the chance to be a mother again and, even though life in a refugee tent settlement is hard, she knows God will not leave her.  Allia is seeking Him daily and is happy to have this opportunity to learn more about Him.

I walked out of her tent having had a glimpse of what spiritual wealth looks like.  It looks like a fragile woman giving thanks to God for His provision that day and His love for eternity.  I couldn’t help feeling like my faith was the size of a pebble while Allia’s was as big as the mountain she had had to walk over to get into Lebanon.  I’m now praying that my own spiritual wealth, and that of my friends (the new mothers) will one day be as great.

– by Molly Hawkins

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