What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

There is much suffering today from anxiety and depression. I know from experience. Scripture provides much comfort, but this was the story I needed to hear— Matthew 18:10-14 or Luke 15: 1- 7, which is the parable of the lost sheep. As a retired English teacher, I must stop here and explain that parable just means a story. I particularly reveled in the shepherd’s excitement to find the lost sheep and the way He loved and celebrated that which was found.

If Scripture provides more than you can take in right now, like my friend in Asia, try using Remember and Don’t Forget. She wrote in an email:

“My husband and I are so concerned about our prodigal. Our pastor had a prodigal who has since turned back to God. The pastors’ wife shared her book of praying 90 days for your prodigal.
Day One was a disaster!!
Way too much! I will “get there” but the book seemed overwhelming to begin with. So for the month of August….I have used your book Remember and Don’t Forget. It was just what I needed. Simple reminders of God’s goodness, love and miracles.
I also daily admired the paintings…so very beautiful.
I finished today…so a warm thank you for ministering to my heart! You provided the medicine that I needed!!”

My words to those suffering: Be open to help—Christian counseling, medication given by someone reputable and able to give responsibly, or a good listening friend. Don’t be afraid. God loves you. You are NOT alone.

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