When You Don’t Know What To Do

By Saundria Keck

So we were in the Smoky Mountains with our kids and grandkids. It was our annual family vacation we refer to as Kamp Keck. From our first Kamp Keck in 2011 which only our grandchildren attended, we have always included an element from God’s word.

Three or so days had passed and we had not called everyone together for a story from the Bible. Then our 13-year-old grandson, Shepherd, said: “When are we going to have a bible story? We always have one “

This was a call to action to this grandma, known as Mimi. At first I was peeved at myself for not having already prepared a story, but I prayed: “Lord, what do you want me to share?” A scripture verse came to mind that I have been pondering considerately lately. I looked it up. It came from 2 Chronicles 20. Right there it was—a story about King Jehoshaphat.

As the story goes, Jehoshaphat learned that three great armies were conspiring together to come against him and his people. The odds were not good for the king. So he called the people together and prayed this prayer: “We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you (2 Chronicles 20:12).”
A messenger told Jehoshaphat: “Don’t be afraid, the battle is not yours, but God’s. All you have to do is take your positions, stand firm and see what the Lord will do. He will deliver you.”

But first King Jehoshaphat led the people to thank God even before victory came. Then Jehoshaphat’s army marched out to face their enemies. As they approached, they saw only dead bodies. Grateful for how God delivered them, King Jehoshaphat once again led the people to give thanks to God.

When you find yourself not knowing what to do, think or say, pray: “We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” And remember to give thanks.

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