What Devastation!

By Saundria Keck
If you know me personally or follow my Facebook posts, you know I care deeply for Lebanon and her people. I am privileged to serve on the Board of Heart for Lebanon, a foundation focused on meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of both refugees and the people of Lebanon. Our desire is to bring people from despair to hope, the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. And oh how hope is needed NOW!
Most likely you have heard or seen on the news the devastation in Beirut, Lebanon. If a pandemic, a failed government, a refugee crisis, and 80% unemployment were not enough, there was an explosion in the Bay of Lebanon. I have heard that it is the third worst explosion the world has ever known—the first two being the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during WW2.
Beirut has seen over 162 killed, 6000 injured, and countless numbers without homes. Since a warehouse full of grain and flour went up in the explosion, hunger will become the next huge issue.
Hopefully you are asking: “But what can we do?”
According to Camille Melki, founding director and CEO of Heart for Lebanon in Lebanon, we can help in these ways:
1. Send words of encouragement to the staff at Heart for Lebanon at admin@heartforlebanon.org.
2. Pray for wisdom for their staff as they try to determine where they can best help people with the resources available.
3. Pray for emotional stamina as they deal with the devastation.
4. Pray that the Heart for Lebanon foundation will be laser-focused as they lead people from
despair to hope, the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.
5. Pray for additional financial support to meet ever-increasing needs.
Let’s link arms and help however we can. heartforlebanon.org
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