Order Is Important

We know that order is important. It is important when baking a cake, planting a garden, or changing a tire. It is also important in understanding the Bible message. Perhaps you are a long-time student or are just now experiencing a curiosity about the Scriptures. In either case, here are four foundational facts:

1. God is perfect
2. God’s message is perfect.
3. God’s order is perfect.
4. God’s purpose is perfect.

Focus on God’s “order” for a moment Then ask yourself these questions:

Did the Patriachs (Abraham, Issac and Jacob) precede Moses?
Who came first Noah or the Patriachs?
Where do the kings fit into the Bible picture?
Did the prophets precede or follow the kings?
When did God send Jesus as a baby in a manger?
And so on…

How did you do? Could you answer these questions correctly without referring to Scripture or “googling” them? You may even be wondering what does it matter as long as I read the Bible? But it does matter. It is God’s story, and the order does matter.

For too long, as a student of the Scriptures. I did not realize how important it is to know the order of the events and people. Once I focused on the timeline of Scripture, I had a better understanding of “the story.” And along with that understanding came a desire for everyone to “see” the order of the story. That was when I sensed God leading me to write a “simple” book scripting the order of the people and major events in Scripture–a book that could be read in one sitting. Only the best illustrations could be woven into the story. That’s where my friend, co-author and illustrator, Kay Benson, came in. One glance of the book will tell you what I mean.

Perhaps now I should give you the title–The Jesus Story: Because He Still Loves Us (Keck and Benson). The story is simple enough for a child, yet profound enough for an adult. Consider getting a copy to keep with your Bible as a timeline reference or perhaps give a copy to a friend who may not as yet know Jesus. Oh, the possibilities!

Available from many Christian books stores as well as New Day Christian Distributors and Amazon.

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