Please Don’t Let Your Babies…

By Saundria Keck

I will warn you that I am writing this blog while also watching the bedlam taking place at the United States Capitol. So my emotions are stirring big time!

There is an old country song entitled: “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys (by Willie Nelson–not one of my favorite country singers). Nonetheless, this tune and parts of the lyrics have been running through my mind all afternoon.

In light of today’s world, how would you complete this sentence: “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be…”

Out of control?
Even lost?

Think about this carefully.

Here are my thoughts. Mama (or Dad), don’t let your babies grow up without…

Knowing God’s story.
Receiving hugs and kisses.
Hearing you read or tell Bible stories.
Reading Scripture and praying as a family.
Observing you reading the Scripture and praying.
Knowing you are praying for them.
Going to a Bible-believing church.

Doing these will be some of the most important and eternally valuable things you can do in the days ahead. Please, please hear this!


  1. Yes yes and yes!! Always point out the goodness of our God in all the details. God gives hidden treasures for those who seek and want to see… he gives parents the awesome opportunity to be the ones who point to God in all creation to their children and walk under a loving authority who protects us. As their little minds and hearts begin and continue in training to see the goodness and righteousness of a loving Father, they will be raised up as loving, compassionate conquerors and not fearful , complacent or blind to the Spirit of God in all the details.

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