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Remember the lyrics from B.J. Thomas’ song, “What Ever Happened to Old Fashioned Love”? Well I find myself asking: “What ever happened to good old fashioned character?” You know–virtue–moral and ethical behavior. The virtues one adopts determine the character of that individual. So how do we adopt the virtues that will make us people of strong moral and ethical character?

Another question—if you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, who is instilling character into your children? The school? The athletic team? Electronics? The neighborhood kids? The church? You? These are serious questions that deserve serious attention. First and foremost think about your life, what you value, what you are living out in front of your children day after day, year after year. This piece must be intact or the words you say are meaningless. Then ask: “What am I doing and saying intentionally that will impact the kind of character my children develop?

Kay, Candace and I would like to share some character resources with you. Our resources begin with the Bible—God’s Word.

This copyrighted material is in a PDF format. Go to the link below to download your one FREE copy.

We invite you to let us know what you think. And tell your friends about this free resource. Then be on the lookout for additional biblical character resources. Coming Soon!

Blessings, Saundria

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