Were You Taught?

As an older woman of 71, I (Kay Benson) now realize I had no idea how to forgive. I was not taught that forgiveness was important at home, school, or church.

Perhaps my experiences have made me more passionate about encouraging parents to be intentional in teaching their children. Don‘t miss out on this golden opportunity to teach your children about all sorts of godly character traits that could make all the difference in their lives one day. I hope this material we are offering will be helpful. It is FREE and all you have to is click on the link and download your copy.

You will see that the stories come straight from Scripture and tell of God’s way rather than man’s way. Each section includes several parts: two stories from Scripture, one modern-day story that illustrates the character trait, one illustration, and several activities. We recognize that YOU know your children best so you will know exactly what they need.

And continue to go to passthebreadmom.com for more as the stories become available. Forgiveness PDF Character, courage for blog

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