How Do You Say: “Goodbye”

Every story has an introduction, a climax and a conclusion. And so does ours!

Eleven or so years ago, Kay and I introduced you to this blogsite, “Pass the Bread, Mom,” based on John 6:35. In this verse Jesus said: “I am the bread of life.” Our hearts’ desire was to encourage moms to not only feed their children emotionally, physically, and intellectually but even more importantly their spirits–to teach them about Jesus and His love for them.

We asked ourselves how best to accomplish this. Then God laid it on our hearts to write, and write we did! We first introduced you to our blog and next our first book, Remember, and Don’t Forget: Bible Stories for Mom and Me. It was a compilation of 25 foundational Bible stories every child needs to know. But we did not stop there, we included a devotional section for moms.

While we were anticipating what to write next, we were invited to write biblical character curriculum for use by refugee children in the country of Lebanon. Through learning what godly character looks like, the children would be introduced to numerous Bible stories and be drawn into God’s love for them. Three years later we found ourselves continuing to write bible curriculum for refugee children.

Then with that assignment completed, we began praying again–“What next?” Answer–a simple story about Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. Simple? Really God? But with seat to the chair and much prayer, the story was written and the illustrations completed. The title would be The Jesus Story: Because He Still Loves Us. To this day the storyline and art still amaze us. Only God! Truly it is a beautiful story, and we are convinced that many around the world will come to know and love Jesus with the help of this book. All glory to God!

Now for our conclusion–this part of our story is coming to a close. Our friendship is deeper and sweeter than ever, but we will no longer be blogging or writing together. God has His way of showing us when a work is finished.

To those of you who followed us, encouraged us and prayed for us, we are deeply grateful. May God become more real to you every day as your love for Him grows.

Goodbye and may God bless you and yours,
Saundria and Kay

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