About Us


It was a little more than ten years ago that Kay and I first met. I was working for LifeWay Christian Resources and she was serving at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts and also serving on the Board of Mom to Mom Ministry. LifeWay sent me to Boston to help determine if the Mom to Mom resources might be picked up for publication. Neither Kay nor I remember much about our first encounter there in Boston.

After many twists and turns in the path, I retired from LifeWay and Kay moved to Newnan, Georgia. Somewhere in one of those “twists and turns,” I also was invited to serve on the board of Mom to Mom Ministry. And there’s where our real saga began.

Fast forward almost two years. We were sitting in the Charleston, South Carolina airport waiting for our flights after having attended a board meeting. As God would have it, the wait was long giving us plenty time to talk. And talk we did! Somehow we both knew we were in a safe place with each other, and our hearts began to overflow.

We learned both of us grew up in Christain families in the South. We attended small Baptist churches where our dads served as deacons. We began to reminisce about how precious it was to learn all the Bible stories at a young age and to have parents who would tell them to us over, and over, and over.

Next we talked about our educational background and professional experience and learned we were both early childhood/child development majors, both had taught in the early days of Head Start, both had taught school, and both had served on church staff. In addition both of us had considerable editing experience, me with nine years editing preschool resources at LifeWay and Kay editing sophomore English papers.

Next we started to share about our families–our husbands and children. Then our stories began to come out, one by one. Some sweet, some hard–as in break your heart hard–some rewarding, some that looked to be defeating. Then talk about tears! We were sitting there in the airport in front of God and everybody bawling our eyes out. And furthermore we did not care. God was doing something, and we knew it.

Our friendship continued to grow and mutual prayer lives deepened. Our husbands met and it seemed became instant friends. Kay and I are both visionaries and seem to be always thinking up something exciting and creative to do. But always, always praying for God’s direction. We figured we were both too old to mess around. We had to be sure God was calling. And that’s where our blog, Pass the Bread, Mom, began and our book, Remember, and Don’t Forget: Bible Stories for Mom and Me was written and published.


Why Pass the Bread?

After searching for just the right title for this blog, we finally settled on Pass the Bread, Mom.  Our goal was and still is to pass on the things that give life, sustenance, and the wholeness that moms and children desire. Bread seemed just the right metaphor for what we wanted to convey. We also realized that the passers of this life-giving sustenance are most often moms.  If you would like to know more about why we chose the metaphor of “bread,” click here.


Meet the Authors



I am a southern girl who lives in Newnan, Georgia, a small town outside Atlanta. Pete and I have been married for 41 years and have two grown daughters as well as twin grandchildren.

I have a B.S. degree from Auburn University in elementary education with a concentration in the creative arts. Teaching, particularly moms and children, has been my life’s work. I have taught in a variety of settings in both the US and Asia. In addition I’ve directed a small group ministry in the Boston area.

My hobbies include reading, writing, painting and gardening.  This blog is an outlet for my love of words.  The book, Remember and Don’t Forget: Bible Stories for Mom and Me is an expression of my love of writing and also painting. (I was the illustrator for our book.) The secret garden in my back yard reflects my love of gardening. And though I’m not an accomplished musician, I have a keen appreciation for lyrics and melody. Emmy Lou Harris and Patty Griffin are two of my favorite musical artist.

All my interests and opportunities seemed random while they were happening, but now they undergird my passion for passing on the ways of God to the next generation. I guess God knew all along.




I am a Tennessee girl living in the quaint and beautiful historic town of Franklin, just outside Nashville. My husband, Lee, and I have been married for a little over 44 years. And yes, I’m old!

We have two grown children, both of whom are married and both of whom have two children. That makes me a Mimi, a role and relationship I cherish.

I have a B.S. in Home Economics Education and a M.S. in Child Development. After completing a master’s degree, I added elementary certification to my credentials. Most of my professional life was spent working at LifeWay Christian Resources where I edited preschool resources and served as a manager in Marketing as well as Children’s Ministry Publishing.

A closer look at me will tell you I love to write, garden, and play with my grandchildren. I like fresh flowers; burlap, linen, and cotton; and coffee so bold it “talks to me.” And when I can figure a way to remake, reuse or repurpose an item, I am one happy girl. Pinterest is my friend.