The Jesus Story: Because He Still Loves Us
by Saundria Keck and Kay Benson

In these thirty-two beautifully illustrated pages, you will see the story of Jesus from Genesis through Revelation.This profound yet simple story can be read in one sitting and will speak to both children and adults.

Available for purchase both in print and ebook on Amazon.
Also available in Portuguese. Click Here to Download.


Teach Your Children: Bible Stories that Build Character
by Saundria Keck and Kay Benson

A collection of character-based bible studies originally developed for use in a children’s mission endeavor. Who doesn’t need to consider character, especially in today’s world? And where better to turn than the Bible, God’s Word!

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Remember, and Don’t Forget: Bible Stories for Mom and Me
by Saundria Keck and Kay Benson

A collection of Bible stories designed to help young children and moms
grow together emotionally and spiritually while they engage in God’s truths.

Available for purchase, both in print and digital, through Apple iBooks and Amazon.
Click here to download a sample chapter of the book, In the Beginning.