Learning Styles

As you get know to know your children and observe their interests, it will become easy to determine their learning styles. In developing this facilitator’s guide, we included activities and thought-provoking questions to tap into different learning styles.


Children who are primarily verbal learners may be more talkative. They prefer activities that use language allowing them to express their ideas and interact with others.


These children enjoy teamwork. They prefer activities that involve interaction with others.


Children who are musical enjoy most anything set to music. They prefer activities that involve music (both listening and singing), rhythm, and beat.


Children who are physical tend to enjoy engaging their full bodies into what they are doing. They prefer activities that require movement and physical coordination.


These children like to reason and solve problems.


These children prefer activities that involve nature.


Children who are reflective may be quieter. They prefer activities that involve thinking time, sometimes by themselves or sometimes with a teacher.


Children who are primarily visual learners learn best by seeing things work. Art activities provide opportunities to learn by seeing and making connections.

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